DE LUCA: Vocals, Guitars(Electric, Acoustic, Steel), Sitar, Guitar Synthesis sequencing sound & effects.


       From the management stable of Jeff Beck comes the new psychedelic prodigy - DE LUCA - the guitar hero from the future.
       Where machine meets reality - this is where you will meet DE LUCA. Having travelled the festival and club circuit for the past 8 years (playing Glastonbury, Reading, Ministry of Sound, Out There Festival(France), V99,V2000,V2002,V2004,V2007 Full Moon Parties, The Lizard Festival, Cornwall) he takes sound through the spectrums of colour and back again. Employing his unique concept De Luca is able to inspire all realms of emotions through his guitar.

        Being the first "live" next generation super guitar hero to play the dance festival/club circuit (initially with his 3 piece band), De Luca got a taste for the vibe and has continued on from strength to strength. Working with the likes of Steve Hillage,The Orb,Jon jacobs Malcolm McLaren, Leif Mases(Jeff Beck/Guitar Workshop album)Johnson Somerset along with other hot psychedelic trance DJ's show De Luca's ability to incorporate past and future sounds to create this luscious whirlpool of pulses.


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